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I Am Billco The Game Changer,Welcome

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Simplicity Is the Ultimate Sophistication

You might say that William “Billco” Coker was born to be a barber. Some might even say he fell from barber heaven. Well either of those statements are true. 


The truth of the matter is at the age of 12, he was being molded to be an entrepreneur. Sitting under his grandmother who owned several businesses, book store, wig stop, herbal products, etc. He watched with a careful eye. He was her personal assistant not even knowing he was in business school. He studied under his “mentor” for several years learning the biggest lesson in business is connecting with people. 


As the owner of Billco Barbershop, (voted #1 Barbershop in Lake County for 4 years) he has taken those skills and applied them in the barber industry. What better business is there to have when you know how to connect with people? Currently, he owns several businesses that are very successful. He opened his 1st business at the age of 21, which was a 3 chair barbershop. With all the hard work and knowledge that business grew within two years expanding to a 9 chair shop. Now Billco Barbershop is the premier barber business in the city of Gary. Currently, William is running a 15 chair barbershop not to mention he travels the country teaching game changing techniques. 


He is also one of the leading experts in Hair Replacement. Having studied under the Guru herself Gloria GiGi Ford, he is certified as a medical hair replacement specialist. 

"Turn Your Passions Into Profits"



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